SDK Software has one of the most competitive rates in the Minneapolis area. Beyond their competitive rates, and most importantly, they are able to deliver qualified contractors that can hit the ground running at the start of their assignment. SDK has been an approved supplier for over 4 years. During that time I have never had to request that one of their contracts be replaced and/or removed from a project. SDK invests in their contractors and is a consulting supplier that can deliver!
~ Global Food Company
“After millions of dollars of investment we still had unstable software, poor system performance, difficulty of applications development and angry customers. Because of your expertise, personal dedication, long hours and sacrificed weekends, we have satisfied customers and stable systems.”
~ Data Management Company
“Displayed an excellent understanding of the requirements and design and was able to work independently based on the specifications. I recommend them for the quality of software development services, attention to detail and professional attitude in achieving the goals set for the project.”
~ Data Warehousing Company
“You have done a magnificent job and I very much appreciate your hard work and very long hours to help satisfy our customers.”
~ Information Management Company
“We thank you for taking the initiative in a highly professional way, to turn our software into a system we can all be proud of. It makes us proud to be associated with you.”
~ Assets Company