SDK is dedicated to helping candidates advance their careers while ensuring our clients find the best candidates. The advantages of choosing SDK are manifold:


  • Client Base
    We are a Preferred/Tier-1/Direct vendor for a number of clients both at national and local level.  These clients include public and private corporations as well as several Federal, State and Local Government entities.
  • Ethics
    We aspire to grow while still keeping the integrity and professional standards of a small business. We honor our commitments.
  • Industry Experience
    We have a team of seasoned recruiters as well as a streamlined and accelerated employment process to provide quality services.
  • Longevity
    We have been in the Technology Industry for almost two decades with an in-depth experience and understanding of Business.
  • Profitability
    SDK has always been profitable, surviving the ups and downs of the Technology Industry and emerging stronger each time.
  • Reliability
    Our high quality service to our clients is evident by the new assignments we earn through repeat business. Our consultant referrals speak to their belief in us.