SDK Software has conducted business since 1993 with integrity and a strong focus on good customer service. The ethical guidelines below apply to SDK management, employees and all contractors who work under the supervision of SDK Software.


  • SDK is committed to achieving client satisfaction by providing highly skilled software professionals, services and knowledge.
  • SDK fully complies with local and federal laws and will not assist any third party to violate them.
  • SDK will not participate in any unethical, fraudulent or corrupt practices.
  • SDK will be a good corporate citizen in the community it serves.
  • SDK will always honor all business obligations that it undertakes with integrity, honesty and professionalism.
  • SDK will maintain its business records that accurately reflect the nature of its business transactions.
  • SDK requires its employees to comply with Company and Client policies as well as applicable laws.
  • SDK and its employees will not engage in any activities that create a conflict of interest.
  • SDK and its employees will provide software services to their clients with utmost professionalism.